The Best Natural Latex Pillow – Guide for 2019

Latex pillows may be what you need to have a good night’s sleep. The Best Natural Latex Pillows are comfortable yet provide enough support to the head & neck during sleep. They’re also ideal for those suffering from allergy as memory foam is hypoallergenic & breathable.

5 Best Natural Latex Pillow – Reviews

1. MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow: Our favorite for 2019

MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow Review – Talalay latex pillow is considered to be three times more breathable & up to four times more durable than latex pillows that underwent the traditional Dunlop process. The pillow is from the only company on the planet that offers Talalay latex pillows in extensive varieties & options. The latex pillow is firm enough to provide support to back & side sleepers.  Its cover is made from luxuriously soft rayon from a bamboo blend consisting of 75 % polyester and 25 % rayon from bamboo. The pillow is a mid to high range item.

2. Classic Brands Caress Ventilated Plush Latex Foam Pillow

100 Percent Ventilated Latex Foam: A great value option

Classic Brands Caress Ventilated Plush Latex Foam Pillow Review – The pillow is ideal for side sleepers & back sleepers with its 4.5 inch thickness. It adapts to the shape of the user’s head, providing adequate help throughout the night. The holes in the latex foam let for air to circulate, preventing moisture buildup in the process. It won’t flatten out, even after some years of use making it an ideal addition to any bed.

3. Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

A great product from beauty rest

Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow Review – The latex pillow is from the largest supplier of bed pillows in North America-Hollander. The firm has more than 52 years of experience in designing & manufacturing bedding products including comforters & mattress pads. The latex material used in the pillow is made in the United States.The pillow has a 50 thread count & is made with natural latex foam. It introduces anti-microbial qualities making it ideal for use of these with allergies. It gently supports the neck & head, with its cell structure that is guaranteed not to flatten over time. This is a quite affordable latex pillow.

4. Elite Rest Slim Sleeper – Natural Latex Foam Pillow

Slim Sleeper – Natural Latex Foam Pillow – Someone who likes to sleep on their stomach would want a comfortable and thin pillow. This is one pillow that is ideal for stomach sleepers as it’s just 2.75 inches tall. It is made of 100 % natural latex, and has hypoallergenic & anti-microbial qualities. This pillow has an outer cover made of cotton, with a breathable pin-hole design for cooler & more comfortable sleep. It also does not get hot, so those who use it won’t seek themselves sweaty in the middle of the night.

The pillow is a medium to high level option.

5. MALOUF Z Contour Latex Pillow with Textured Surface – Standard

MALOUF Z Contour Latex Pillow with Textured Surface Review – Another worth product from Malouf, the latex pillow is made from the traditional Dunlop process. It’s of a medium-firm type & features a contoured shape that provides great support to the neck. Its convoluted surface improves airflow so those that use it should be able to sleep well. The Malouf pillow has an ergonomic, contoured shape that is designed to naturally help the curves of the head & neck & facilitate proper alignment of the spine. It has an ultra-soft & breathable rayon velour cover, plus a five-year warranty. These looking for a good pillow can have this Z Contour Latex pillow that is mid to high level item.

Natural Latex Pillow Reviews

Latex is a natural polymer which originates from plants, though the material can be synthesized. As a pillow filling, it’s foamed to create a pattern of small, interconnected bubbles giving it a bounce & spring.

It’s reactive to pressure, but instantly bounces back to its archetype shape unlike memory foam. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn’t give that familiar ‘sinking in’ feeling.  It is better at absorbing moisture & dissipating heat compared to memory foam.

Despite these pros, natural latex has its cons. For one, it can’t be shaped to fit, so you have to make do with its height. As such, you would want to take a natural latex pillow that is of the right height & keeps your spine in a natural & relaxed alignment.

If you are a side sleeper, you’ll love a latex pillow as you could mold it to your shape, which will give excellent support to your neck & head.

Best Natural Latex Pillow – Things to Consider

How do you find the right natural latex pillow? There’re several things that you should look into.

Obviously, you’ll have to consider the price of the latex pillow. As you could have noticed in the previous reviews, latex pillow prices range from low to high. Set aside a budget for a pillow and then select a latex pillow that is within your budget.

The size of the mattress is another attention. If you have a king size mattress, you would obviously want king size sheets with extra long pillow reasons. If you have a queen size bed, you can buy a queen size / standard size pillow as these pillow sizes differ only by a few inches.

Your preferred sleeping position should be taken into consideration. If you sleep on your back, you could purchase a thin latex pillow as it can supply proper spinal support. If you want to sleep on your side, a medium firm latex pillow is ideal.

You must consider your height. You do not want a fairly high pillow if you are relatively small because it’ll strain your neck. If you are tall with broad shoulders, do not use smaller pillows as these will not give you enough support.  You could tell you have the wrong latex pillow if your jaw & ears are always sore or you always have morning headaches.

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