Buckweat Pillow made from ComfyComfy

If not have the support of good pillow, pillow without thick, soft, the sleepers run the risk of being injured their shoulder over time, as waking up the sleepers have symptom sore and stiff, and can even end up with pinched nerves that impede hand/arm movement during the day. Pinched nerves can also cause back pain, sciatica and other discomfort in areas of the body far from the neck. It is the best way prevention of  the sleepers’ physical problems to Keep the head aligned with the spine. The buckwheat pillow offers that support while maintaining a soothing, comfortable sleeping surface that you will enjoy using. And so, Buckweat Pillow’s appearance will help maintaining a soothing, comfortable sleeping surface that you will enjoy using. It is one of the most supportive types of pillow available. This comfortable pillow creates firm, complete support in any position all through the night. It is perfect choice for anyone who prefers to sleep on their sides and needs a thick, full pillow that fills the gap created by the shoulder area.

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Features of the Buckwheat Pillow made from ComfyComfy

  • Made from buckwheat grown in the USA
  • 4 large, body-fitting sizes to free choose
  • Organic cotton
  • Chemical and fumigant free

Advantages of the Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are great choice for side sleepers and anyone who needs  more comfortable, adjustable sleep support. If you usually suffer with neck pain and back hurt or allergies when you wake up in the morning, the Buckwheat Pillow may be the right method for you. Here are some of the  considerable advantages of this luxurious pillow.

Made by Hand in the US

ComfyComfy is an American company that is a Mennonite family business in the USA, and your complete satisfaction just stand in their operating motto. Each pillow is made by hand to ensure perfect construction. The washable, organic cotton pillow case can be removed for washing, and includes an invisible zipper for easy using that still looks good.

Flexibility for All Sleep Positions

The unique design of the buckwheat pillow together with the perfect thickness and firmness creates the sleepers’ feel more comfortable. The invisible zipper allows operate to the inner buckwheat chamber where you can take out or add buckwheat fill to fit your body perfect. Side sleepers need thicker feeling, but stomach and back sleepers normally require a much thinner pillow. The buckwheat pillow is one of very few support pillows that is great for any sleep position.

Based on Japanese Sleep Technology

Over 600 years ago, The Japanese developed the use of buckwheat pillows. They have different names such as: the material sobakawa when used in mattresses, and makura when used in pillows. Why they chose buckwheat but others because it is unlike grain wheat, it has a hard shell that won’t breakdown as easily, and has been used in ancient remedies for many maladies including radiation illness,varicose veins and even high blood pressure.

Buckwheat pillows are still now used in Japan extensively, because of their excellent support. They are becoming more popular in all other areas of the world for their ability to help prevent from muscle problems and nerve trouble for side sleepers. They are also great for reliving snoring and cramps.

Organic, Resisting Allergenic Cotton Material

The cotton cover and buckwheat-fill made from organic materials which provide superior comfort and also keep allergies at bay. The micro-fill style of the buckwheat pillow also lets air travel freely through the pillow to prevent heat buildup, help moisture to run out, and stop bacteria and mold from forming inside the pillow.

Weakness of the Buckwheat Pillow

Like anything, the users can feel unpleased the buckwheat pillow because of its unappealing some of elements. Most problems can be resolved or adjusted depending on determination each person if those issues will override the benefits of the pillow they choose.

Heavy and Clumsy

The design of the buckwheat pillow is similar to a bean bag. That means there is a little inconvenient when you try to pick it up. It is also much heavier than a simple cotton fiber pillow. However, construction buckwheat pillow the same beanbag, which  makes extremely moldable to fit your body perfectly, so it provides a well-appointed mattress for your head, neck and back.

Can Change Form Pockets or Clumps

The small buckwheat shells used not only to fill the inner chamber move freely but also can separate, especially when used in a lighter fill situation where there is a lot of empty space in the chamber. That mean you should fluff the pillow more, or move it into a better position during the night. Buckwheat will not have shifting or clumping with the maximum fill level that eliminates extra space in the chamber.

Consumer comment

There are much more users chose loyal using the buckwheat pillow made from ComfyComfy. Here are a few of the comments…

  • That is a perfect pillow for me
  • Liked it immediately. Never needed to adjust anything. It’s great in any position.
  • I wish I had known this pillow earlier


The buckwheat pillow is a friend supporting fabulous sleep for side sleepers. You completely can be adjustable for back and stomach sleepers. It is one of the more expensive, reasonable price pillows on the market, but it’s endurability, changeability and soft comfort make it a extreme choice. Pick one up on Amazon.com today by clicking here.

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