Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow by DC Labs Review

The best thing a stomach sleeper can do is find the most helpful pillow offered that has a low profile that will not thrust their neck out of alignment with their spine. The Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow by DC Labs is an excellent example of a well-constructed pillow that is made specifically for back & stomach sleepers.

Why Choose the Ultra Slim Memory Foam Stomach Sleeper Pillow?

When you rest on your stomach & use a thick pillow, no matter how well constructed the pillow is, it’ll cause problems with your back & neck. The method the back arches when the head is on a thick pillow when you rest on your stomach causes the neck to bend & muscles to constrict. This alone is enough to cause serious tension resulting in headaches & muscle spasms.

As time goes on, and you continue sleeping in the unpleasant position with your neck bent backwards & your spine arched, nerves get pinched & pain radiates as far down as your legs & feet. Getting up in the morning with pins & needles sensations in the hands, arms or other extremities is a sure sign of nerve constriction during the night, but it’s not the only sign.

If you’ve lower back trouble, pain in the sides, shoulder, neck, headaches or symptoms of sciatica, you merely actually simply be the victim of a poor resting position caused by an inappropriate pillow.

Functions of the Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow

  • 2.5 inch thickness for best stomach sleeper alignment
  • Flat on bottom to keep pillow from moving
  • Ultra slim design
  • Bed bug resistant and hypoallergenic

+ Improving on the Age-Old Pillow Design with the Ultra Slim Memory Foam Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Standard pillows are merely not made for people who rest on their stomach or back. Even though those are 2 of the most common methods people resting, a thick, soft pillow is the worst type of sleeping aid you could use. A thick, soft pillow will push against your face as you sleep, making it difficult to breath. Common cotton filled pillows bunch up & provide no assistance.

The Ultra Slim Memory Foam pillow is created to keep your neck & head in best line with your spine to prevent muscle pain, tension and pinched nerves, while cradling your neck to give you a soothing, comfy place to rest your head & sleep soundly.

+ Hygienic & Fresh at All Times

Memory foam pillow is the best pillow material for stomach sleeper pillows

The memory foam construction of the Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow resists all types of built up bacteria, mildew, mold, moisture & bed bugs. It offers a clean & healthy atmosphere for you to get the best night’s sleep. Memory foam is a solid, rubbery material that is difficult to penetrate for unwanted pests & bacteria. It will not accumulate water or moisture either.

There may be a little bit of a smell to memory foam pillows when they first show up. A few hrs of air and fluffing will get rid of the unwanted odor and leave you with a top-performing pillow that will last for several years. Memory foam pillows are durable and will not flatten out after just a few weeks or months of use.

+ Easy to Clean Construction

In addition to being extra-functional, the Ultra Slim pillow by DC Labs is very simple to care for. The Ultra Slim comes with a simple to remove outer case made of simple to wash cotton. It stands up to machine washing & drying, so you can keep your pillow fresh & clean without interrupting your nightly sleeping.

  • The way to Clean a Memory Foam Pillow
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